Sustainable Development

Core Values


Each member of the HSC family always sets their own goals and strives to constantly reach new heights in each individual's career, associated with the growth of the entire company and the whole team. Today's HSC people will have higher qualifications and responsibilities than yesterday. HSC's services today will bring customers greater experiences and greater satisfaction than yesterday.


Not easily surrendered to failure, or discouraged by difficulties, HSC people always strive to become stronger every day, overcoming their own limits, in personal and professional life. We are a group that always stands together, supports and helps each other. We practice the ability to deeply contemplate the truth in every present moment to gain deeper understanding and love more. We cherish every opportunity to live, work and serve customers together.


Our passion for our profession has given us the ability to constantly innovate towards perfecting products and services for customers. We deeply understand the meaning of our service, and that passion is the fire that lights up each of us's consciousness, helping us overcome all challenges and difficulties of the market. Vision, mission and core value system are the internal strengths of every HSC person. Our success is the success of our customers.


    As a business, carrying Japanese products and spirit, HSC brings to the Vietnamese community the famous Japanese Omotenashi spirit with the spirit of DEDICATED, DEDICATED service with all your heart, with a warm welcome. , taking care of customers with the most enthusiasm, meticulousness and thoughtfulness. “Customers are not satisfied, HSC is not doing well enough.”


    Always carry the mission of linking the Company's business activities with the socio-economic activities of the country. Serving customers and society is also the destination that sustainable HSC wants to aim for. We always consider serving partners and society as an indispensable mission, in parallel with the Company's business. R&D activities are seriously invested in producing or finding products that serve people and make life better. We always see it as a way to serve and show gratitude to society and partners so that HSC can achieve the achievements it has today. And serving business is the sustainable development model that HSC will aim for.



    With the reputation for product quality provided by HSC as well as business services in the market, we are committed to always ensuring the benefits of cooperation for customers and partners. And the world is always moving, HSC is determined to constantly improve the quality of products and services to always be a better version of today.


    The spirit of solidarity and collaborative skills are always at the forefront of HSC's professional working environment to maximize collective intelligence. A team is strong when cooperation skills are maximized through elements of communication, conflict resolution, active listening, emotional management, respect, trust and fairness.



    The spirit of humanity needs to be built from the dignity each member of HSC gives to those around them and the qualities that we ourselves always preserve. We have Study Encouragement Funds to encourage children to study, and Humanities Funds to help disadvantaged members of the Company or disadvantaged people in society. And at HSC, the humanistic spirit is always emphasized because it is the core value of every human being.


    Sharing between team members will bring creativity and improvements in work and create a civilized, healthy working environment. Sharing does not only stop at sharing experiences and professional knowledge, but each member of HSC can also share about life, joy, difficulties and challenges so that everyone can feel feel connected in this environment, building company culture together. And we cherish every opportunity to live, work and serve customers together.

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