Import and Export Business is a bridge to deliver the value of goods and services between Vietnam and Japan. With member companies based in both Japan and Vietnam, we smoothly operate the business flow between the two countries.

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  • Mom and baby goods
    Functional food
  • Fast Moving Consumer
  • Goods (FMCG)

Import business accounts for about 40% of the Corporation sales value. For baby powder milk, we account for 40% of the market share for Japanese powder milk in Vietnam.

Target: For this business, we expect to maintain growth rate of 20%/year and continue to be one of the main business of the Corporation.


  • High quality agricultural products: fruits, seafood
  • Processed foods
  • Fast Moving Consumer  

Import business accounts for about 40% of the Corporation sales value.

Target: To become one of the top 3 Vietnamese exporting companies to Japan market

Key Member Company

Established on April 1, 2013 with a chartered capital of JPY 20 million in the southern city of Fukuoka, Japan, HSC Japan has continuously grown in recent years with 3 main businesses:
- Import and Export
- Others
HSC Japan's long-term vision is to become the core company of the group, contributing over 20% of sales, becoming the number 1 Vietnamese enterprise in Japan in distribution and retail. Its long-term target is to become a listed company in Japan Stock Exchange or in another International Exchange in the period of 2030-2040.



HSC develop a chain store system to expand its distribution network widely to deliver the best quality products and services to end consumers.


Development Milestone:

  • September 2022: HSC Corporation buys 20% shares of HSC39, the owner of Konni39 Chainstore Franchise System
  • September 2023: Buys over 60% share to merge HSC39
  • 2025-2027: Restructuring & IPO
  • Maintaining the No. 1 in Vietnam in terms of Retailing Points of Japanese shop in Vietnam

Target: Retail to become the core business of the Corporation.

Key Member Company:

Established on April 10, 2016 with a charter capital of VND 3.9 billion, HSC39 has continuously received investment from domestic and international investors. It’s annual sales revenue grows drastically, reached USD 7.8 million in 2021, with more than 100 franchised stores of Konni39 brand in nearly 50 provinces and cities across the country.

HSC39's long-term vision is to become the core company of the group, contributing over 20% of sales, becoming the number 1 Japanese convenience store chain in Vietnam with more than 500 points of sale and to be IPO on Vietnam stock exchange and become one of TOP100 reputable retailers.


HSC invests on major areas of: sustainable agriculture, GMP-certified functional food production, real estate for production and retailing, research and development, and smart retail technology.


Investment Areas of HSC:

  • Sustainable agricultural development
  • Functional food production (GenkiFami brand)
  • Research & Development of new products
  • Real estate for the Corporation's production and point of sales
  • Indirect investment in retail through smart store technology and logistics

Investment Porfolio: It accounts for 10-20% of the Corporation’s asset.

Target: To become one of the leading companies in R&D in Vietnam

Key investment projects of the Corporation:

  • Green agriculture Project by HSC Investment - HSC AgriTech : developing technologies in agricultural production from planting to processing for added value of agricultural products
    Testing Agents Factory
  • Project by HSC Investment - Huma Medical - UMA Japan: To build production factory in a high-tech park
    Smart Store Technology -Project by HSC Investment - Konni39 - TRE: New technology application in retail
  • Logistic System for modernizing supply chain efficiency by HSC Investment - Nihon Yucho - HSC

Key Member Company:

To meet with demand on quality health care products for Vietnamese people, in October 2015, Genki Fami invited Vietnamese scientist, Dr. TRAN HAI BANG working at Kyushu University, Japan on project cooperation to develop a set of functional products for families.
After 3 years of research and development, GENKI FAMI product line was introduced with the first 8 products including: Pico Collagen, Shiro Hada, Natto Ichou, Kanzo Ukon, Omega 3, SupoMaca, Okinawa Kassou Fucoidan and Nyusankin Chuaburu

Features of the Genkifami products line:

  • Origin: Japan
    Ingredients: High quality ingredients selected
  • Technology: Advanced production technology
  • Certification: Tested and certified
  • Safety: Safe for people


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