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With the desire to improve the quality of life of Vietnamese people and bring Vietnamese Wisdom and Brand, to the world, we make endless efforts in developing Import, Export, Retail and Investment on the trading route of Vietnam and Japan.
Every part of our business has its own mission, but they all pursuit JAPANESE-LEVEL-QUALITY and TRUE VALUE to customers.
Our strategy is towards expanding into more sustainable business areas in the future such as sustainable agriculture - health care – research and development and transferring new technology...
Import – Export Retailing Investment


About the corporation

The Corporation was established in 2012 under the name of HSC Production and Trading Joint Stock Company. In the early period of development, the Company focused on import and distribution of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) from Japan to Vietnam and indirectly invested in developing the nationwide Konni39 Retail System.


In 2022, the Company officially operates under the group structure and changes name HSC Investment Corporation.
HSC has 4 PhDs, 9 Masters and 25 members studied and worked in Japan. VIET WISDOM and JAPAN – LEVEL- QUALITY are deeply reflected in each project, each field of business, product and service offered by the Corporation.

The Corporation has restructured all of its relatively independent business segments into an ecosystem focusing on 3 main business areas: Import-Export, Retail and Investment in order to maximize efficiency in business management and operation to bring TRUE VALUE to the Vietnamese market and consumers.

Five member companies are under the ownership of the Corporation, they will be merged and restructured in 2022~2023 period for IPO and listing on the Vietnam Stock Exchange in 2023.


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